7 Top Travel Tips For 2023

A huge part of the year 2020 has been rocked by the covid-19 pandemic and has affected many things, including travelling. Not only did it affect our various plans to travel out of the country, but a huge part of our life goals. 2021 has brought everyone a fresh air breath as there has been the circulation of vaccines, resulting in a huge relief of the deadly virus. As a result, bans have been lifted from many travel restrictions, allowing travellers to fly to different countries for adventurous moments.

Whether you are thinking of living in your immediate country at the moment until later this year or not, it is recommended that you start to plan your next trip by making use of these tips for planning your 2023 trip.

Pick Up Your Power Bank

Power banks are most essential for trips, especially when travelling to a new country. Travelling by air may last for several hours, depending on the distance of your trip. This can even be risky, especially if it’s your first of travelling to such a place. Regardless of the strength of your mobile phone battery, they can only last for a limited time.

Getting your mobile phone active and on can be done as much as you want. Thanks to technology for the introduction of heavy-duty power banks. These gadgets provide portable power for the charging items that depend on a battery, such as mobile phones, laptops, headphones and other gadgets.

This portable device has got you covered should you need to make any kind of urgent call or texts. All you need to do is to charge it fully before embarking on your trip, and you can watch your mobile come up again once connected.

Make sure, the power bank meets the travel regulations.

Get a Fee-free Debit/Credit card 

Going on a trip with cash can sometimes be a problem for many. While some may find it uncomfortable, some may feel insecure. Having a debit/debit card is one of the most important tips to put in place when making a trip. Lots of advantages are associated with making a trip with your credit/debit cards. Some of these include getting a better exchange rate. This is advantageous because most companies do not charge fees whatsoever for the conversion of currency.

Also, you are provided with the opportunities to gain flexibility in your transactions and great financial freedom. Getting your credit/debit card in place prepares you for whatever financial problem you are likely to face.

Personally I use several cards which include Halifax Clarity (absolute trooper, saved me many times on my travels), Starling and Curve.

Subscribe to a Roaming Plan 

Regardless if you’ve got your mobile phone fully charged using your portable power bank while making a trip, you may find out you cannot place a call or other activities on the mobile phone that require network access. This can be frustrating and daunting getting to a new location to find out you cannot reach out to your relatives through phone call, book an uber or load up Google maps for navigation.

One of the best tips for making a trip this year is getting a roaming plan. This gives you the ability to place and receive calls, including sending and receiving data. This also helps you in accessing other mobile services such as home data services. This is mostly beneficial, especially when you are not in a geographical area of coverage of your local network using a visited network. Even if it’s your first time visiting such a country, you can be assured that this tip has got you covered if you cannot find your way from the airport.

Join Frequent Flyer Programs

If you are a person who doesn’t travel from time to time or you don’t stick with the usual airline you use for travelling, accumulating enough frequent flyer miles may be hard to enjoy the benefits it brings. There is a wide range of these choices to choose from, such as Iberia, American airlines, and more out there.

Frequent flyer programs make a perfect tip to consider while travelling as you enjoy a wide range of benefits such as easy check-in. This makes it easier to check you in because your regular choice of the airline would have stored the usual information you provided. This will prevent scrambling when logging in your details and other things, as this is most common with many airline companies. Among other wide range of benefits to enjoy is access and enjoyment to flint amenities and trade points for experiences.

Buy Travel Insurance

You can never find it hurtful when you have extra reassurance, even as many hotels, travel companies, and other agencies are making provisions for more non-rigid bookings and cancellations. Earlier last year, when every activity went paralytic, including airline companies, many travellers are faced with refund negotiations for flights that were cancelled, including hotels.

Before 2020, coverages were not put in place by lots of travel insurance companies for events such as the covid-19. However, this is far from the truth. It is highly recommended that you should consider purchasing insurance for travelling. Generally, this could be for a low flat rate or a portion of your flight’s percentage. It may also include a portion of your total trip expenses, hotel, or other things. Should there be any unforeseen circumstances, you will be assured you are covered.

This is a must for me and have always made sure I have some sort of coverage as you don’t want a nasty bill if you fall ill or get injured on your trip. In most cases I use the coverage my bank provides for a small monthly fee.

Get a Lounge Subscription

There are times the airport gets jam-packed with everywhere full of passengers. This can be frustrating at times, especially if you yet to be checked in. Opting for a lounge subscription is one of the best tips to get you ready for your 2023 trip. Talk about the peace, quietness, and space, subscribing to a lounge is all you need to have a settled and calm moment before you are ready for your trip. If you have got some work to do online or make certain findings, subscribing to a lounge is all you need to get you the peaceful moment you crave. 

I find lounges essential when you are traveling across the world and have layovers. I usually find myself searching for a place to freshen up and that’s when my lounge access from Dragon Pass or Priority pass come in handy for a shower, a place to chill out and grab some food.

Remember the Pandemic is Still Around 

Despite the vaccines introduced to relieve the covid-19 pandemic, we should not deny that the deadly virus is still very much around. For now, bear in mind that and be enthusiastic about remaining safe for ourselves and those around us. Credits should be given to the travel industry at large for they gave done to ensure shifting policies and procedures to make sure everyone is safe and secured while travelling in 2023.

Before you embark on your trip, you will be concerned about covid-19 policies about regional and specific destinations. Visit the gov.uk website to find out to learn more about the policies of covid-19 of the country you are headed to. Also, you should endeavour to go with every item to get you protected, such as the popularly adopted facemasks. Don’t forget to keep to social distancing rules and other policies of covid-19 of the country you are headed to.

Final Note

Having the right tools when you travel will come in handy to ensure that your trip is anxiety-free. Nothing is as distressing as being stuck in a situation where proper planning could have easily solved it. Ensure that those little things that seem insignificant are packed up with you. To assist you, make a mental journey of potential issues and note down possible solutions to them. Fill up on these solutions and save yourself the need to buy them at higher rates during your trip. 


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