I’m Off To Jamacia!

Jamaica is one of those places that’s been on my top 10 destinations to visit for a very long time. I’ve been pushing it back to visit other cities like Hongkong, Guangzhou, Hanoi, Toronto and Tokyo. But, its time to head to Kingston, JAMAICA!!! This year I’ll be checking off two countries out of my all-time top 5 to visit which, being Japan and Jamaica.

I’m so hyped about this trip because, my dad is joining me on this adventure, he’s absolutely hilarious. This will be the first trip that we have been abroad together in the last 18 years. its gonna be epic!

I’m gonna try and capture this trip a little different than I usually do. I wanna try and create a story on this trip. So I’m gonna take some B-roll, time-lapse,  video and obviously take some photographs on our adventure. Now the hard part which camera to take? lenses? drone? equipment? Got big plans for next week in Kingston and Montego Bay also hoping for some inspiration on a potential startup idea! Stay tuned


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