Leaving China, Moving back home!

For the past two years, I have been living in Asia. It’s been quite an experience a lot has happened in this time. For the most part, I’ve been in China, Guangdong province. I landed a job in Foshan city where I spent my first year, It was quite a shock especially from the climate, the humidity is crazy over there. That’s one of the main things I hated, also I wasn’t a fan of the local food. Quickly I found some decent western restaurants. well, I had to drop my standards to call them decent but they did the job.

I visited a lot of cities around China. Nanning was by far my favorite city of them all closely followed by Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Foshan on the mainland. Although there wasn’t much to see in Nanning it did have a nice balance of a big city, cleanliness and it didn’t seem too busy compared to the tier 1 cities.

Honestly, it’s been an awesome adventure and a lot of traveling. Flown over 30 flights this year and moved up to a new level with Oneworld’s FFP bit nice with the extra perks when flying I guess still not a fan of air travel tbh.  I’ve managed to visit some countries that have been at the top of my list for a very long time (Japan & Hong Kong). Can’t wait to see whats in store for the next chapter.


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