My First Impressions Of Vilnius, Lithuania

My adventure starts here in Vilnius, Lithuania!  Arrived here around midnight on 8th May as per usual, budget airlines are always delayed. Already confused with finding a taxi to the hotel as
Uber doesn’t quite work here, they have their own Lithuanian version lucky it was available in English. Anyway back to my first thoughts of Lithuania I noticed quite quickly that no one really cares about speaking English thought this would get interesting. initially having trouble communicating with the taxi driver didn’t have a roaming plan which didn’t help and to top it my booking had one word for the address, wonderful.

Vilnius has some great places for sightseeing and some wonderful architecture around the city. The city has a really nice vibe, something genuine and authentic, compared to other European city’s which, all eventually feel the same nothing really to differentiate them apart. I think the fact that Vilnius has some really old buses very soviet like feel to them, the fact they are very proud and speaking English isn’t important which I thought was really cool and made it very enjoyable trying to communicate and navigating around Lithuania.

Lithuania recently switched to the Euro which is convenient although I was rather disappointed I was expecting Lithuanian money. Just made everything much easier to calculate, but it also made me realizes that everything is super cheap here. I suppose the recent transition Lithuania made to the Euro they may face accelerated inflation catching up to price levels close to neighboring EU countries.


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