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The next Journey Begins!!! #WorldTourByLi

My adventure starts by heading towards Luton airport at 11 PM even though, my flight is at 6 AM. Couldn’t get a better connection which sucks.  Anyway I’m kinda nervous flying with Wizz air, I usually don’t fly budget airlines but 2015 is a new leaf So I’m a little skeptical because you hear rumors of additional charges next thing you know it’s double the original ticket.

My plans over the coming weeks. Is to spend 3 days in Lithuania while I’m there I’ll probably   visit Trakai which was recommended by a good friend of mine apparently it’s a must see while I’m in Vilnius. Personally I don’t expect to see much as Lithuania isn’t on my top list of place to visit but I’m hoping my attitude changes when I get there.

I think my next concern would be flying with Ukraine international airline you know with the whole conflict between Ukraine and Russia seems like a scary thing.  I didn’t put much thought towards it but, when I told others about it they brought up recent events.  Anyway so I’m spending one day in Kiev so I’m not to fussed. I’m excited for the next step in my trip which is flying into Beijing but as I’m not too keen on this city, booked a flight straight out to shanghai 2 hour wait so it’s not too bad. Then I have to catch a coach to 嘉兴 (Jiaxing) and a taxi to my hotel. I can expect I’m gonna be exhausted long before I reach the Hilton.

I planing on spending at least a week in 上海 (Shanghai) I’m expecting it to be pretty awesome as per usual. I haven’t really made much plans again and the same goes for Sweden so let’s find out.  :). #WorldTourByLi


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